Amazing Friendship Between Adorable Toddler and His Loving Rescue Dog

Amazing Friendship Between Adorable Toddler and His Loving Rescue Dog

Carter and Toby demonstrate the amazing friendship and love between children and dogs. Toby, a rescue pup who has adopted by Devin and Jake Crouch in early 2011, has been watching over his human brother since Carter's birth in October of the following year.
After nearly two years of playing, sleeping, and eating together, the pair have formed an inseparable bond of unconditional love. Devin, Carter's mother, documents their cute adventures on Instagram*, capturing each sweet moment between these two best friends. Although rescue dogs sometimes have the bad rap of being disobedient or dangerous, the images show that Toby is incredibly patient and gentle with Carter, letting him cuddle and lie down on him. The toddler, in return, is completely unafraid of Toby, giving his pooch plenty of kisses, petting, and treats.


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