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Intricately-Detailed Landscape Drawings are Smaller Than a Pencil от Katarina за 15 jan 2015

Intricately-Detailed Landscape Drawings are Smaller Than a Pencil от Katarina за 15 jan 2015 (9 photo)


Michigan-based artist Taylor Mazer recently crafted incredibly small drawings that are no larger than your average pencil. In December 2014, he used a fine-tipped Micron pen, straight-edge, and mechanical pencil to create intriguing monochromatic landscapes. They often feature urban structures like abandoned alleys and desolate buildings, but the artist sketches idyllic-looking mountain ranges, too. Mazer’s combination of pen and pencil does a fantastic job of setting a mood. The technique produces rich blacks and soft grays that cloak the subjects in mysterious shadows - there are just a few selective details of solitary doors, half-lit buildings, and narrow passageways. These drawings highlight the artist’s great technical skill as well as his ability to ignite our imaginations using minimal tools and space.


Tags: drawing  small  
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