I’m Showing People They Can Read Books Anywhere And Anytime

I’m Showing People They Can Read Books Anywhere And Anytime

My name is Jakub Pavlovsky and I’m a 21-year-old supporter of reading books. I was born in Slovakia but I’ve been living in the Czech Republic for several years. A few months ago, I realized that people weren’t reading books as much as they did before. Nowadays, they prefer all the modern technologies rather than a lovely and interesting book. Of course, there are still many people who never forget about the beauty of stories written on paper. Unfortunately, there are more those who just don’t appreciate it. Therefore, I created a project called “BOOK’S CALLING” and I did it on social media – I want to spread the traditional idea through the modern system. The project’s motto is “Make Time For Reading. Anywhere, Anytime.”


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