This Man Spent 6 Years Crocheting A Super Mario Bros Map Blanket

This Man Spent 6 Years Crocheting A Super Mario Bros Map Blanket

Super Mario 3 fan Kjetil Nordin spent 800 hours over 6 years to make a perfect crocheted copy of the game’s first map. The 31 year-old Norwegian used 100 balls of yarn, and the impressive blanket measures 2.2 by 1.8 meters (7’2”x5’10”). Kjetil even redid a massive section when he realized he had used an imperfect color for a certain portion of the map. During those six years, he won the Norwegian Sky Diving team championship two times, earned two university degrees, started a career, and even made smaller crochet figures for his family. It “hasn’t taken all of my time. You get a bit sick of such long lasting projects.”


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