Experience The 1920′s In 3D Via Stereoscopic Photography

Experience The 1920′s In 3D Via Stereoscopic Photography

Rewind to the 1920′s when film and photography were still in their infancy, where artists were still grappling with the limitations of the technology itself and it’s here you’ll find the interesting tale of a photographer named J. Dearden Holmes.
One of his clients whom he produced photographic work for was called Cavenders Ltd. Their primary business was selling cigarettes and to make them all the more enticing, they would include stereoscopic cards within each packet. Two images slightly offset, one for your right eye, one for your left eye, that when combined would create the illusion of 3D depth. Holmes was commissioned to shoot a series titled ‘Peeps Into Many lands, A Series of Real Photographs’ long-winded yes, but for its time – his stereoscopic photographs were a close as you could get to actually setting foot in those distant lands.
His photography journey took him all over the world, including Egypt, London, Canada, Delhi where he photographed the likes of The Sphinx, London’s Zoo, Kutb Minar and even the Rocky Mountains, before converting them into stereoscopic packs. Today those images have been converted into the trust animated GIF to give you the same effect he created all those years ago.


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