The Most Morbid Photo Series You'll See Today

The Most Morbid Photo Series You'll See Today

Ready for the most morbid question you'll be asked today? If you were to die tomorrow, what photo would you choose to be displayed at your funeral? Photographer Frieke Janssens is behind Your Last Shot, a set that takes that thought-provoking question and turns it into an intriguing series.
“In reality, those left behind need to quickly find a photo that is ‘OK’ and usually requires some Photoshop retouching," he states. "How would the deceased feel about the chosen photo? Maybe he or she would have untagged themselves from it?”
You can actually get your very own last shot for the high price of 835 euro or about $1,100 US dollars. Frieke will take your portrait, you'll get a team of professionals to do your make-up and styling, and you'll come away with your very own portrait baked in oval porcelain. As Frieke says, "Your last shot will not be your cheapest shot, but hey... you only live once."


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