Man Dresses Up As Disney Princes & Princesses

Man Dresses Up As Disney Princes & Princesses

Richard Schaefer is a costume design student at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Here he is dressed up as different Disney princes and their respective princess in a series called Prince to Princess Transformation. If I may say so, he makes a handsome dude AND a pretty lady. If I may not say so, then who the hell makes the rules around here? Whatever, I’ll just keep it to myself. But I’ll be thinking it in my head! I’ll be thinking it in my head so hard. So hard in fact, that I probably won’t be able to help but blurt it out loud. What? You can’t fault me for speaking my mind! I want pizza. What’s that smell? Ooh, Fraiser marathon at 6! God, that man looks good as a man and as a lady. How does he do it? See? I can’t help it!


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