10 Creative Uses of Snapchat

10 Creative Uses of Snapchat

Snapchat is a clever little app. It basically lets people add captions and draw all over pictures then send ‘em to fellow Snapchatters. There are plenty of times this could (and does) get sorta weird, but there are also really clever users who go the creatively funny route.
In just a few seconds, this app allows you to showcase your love for waffles or make your nostrils part of the Google logo. It’s magical. Check out even more awesome ways to use Snapchat below.
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olga 6 years prev
Да приложение не плохое, только после выхода от туда, не возможно зайти туда опять. Логин, пароль все вводишь правильно, но пишут УПС

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