Motley Crue Debut Fiery Stage Show for Las Vegas 'Evening in Hell'

Motley Crue Debut Fiery Stage Show for Las Vegas 'Evening in Hell'

Motley Crue promised state-of-the-art pyrotechnics for their ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ residency at the the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and it looks like they weren’t just blowing smoke.
According to preeminent rich & famous lifestyle chronicler Robin Leach, who previewed the band’s set for the Las Vegas Sun, attendees should “expect fire alarms and flashing-light warnings” for a fire-filled show that will reportedly find Tommy Lee drumming “inside a mystical symbol also set on fire” and Vince Neil singing ‘Home Sweet Home’ inside a “white-angel Liberace-esque cloak…that will be sprayed with fire retardant nightly.”
Leach secured an endorsement from Vegas fixture Carrot Top, who enthused, “You can feel the heat! All of Las Vegas will know the show’s started — it’s that loud and fiery. It wasn’t just the Joint that shook from it; the entire hotel did.”
“There is no show like this. There never has been, and there never will be,” Neil told Leach. “You’ve seen video fire from other rock acts on tour, but never the real thing. It’s more than any rock group has ever produced or attempted. It really is entering the depths of hell. There’s fire all around and fire coming down from above.”
Neil went on to insist that fans could look forward to more than just special effects; in fact, he says the band’s set list puts him through his paces more doggedly than most. “I don’t get one break,” he explained. “We start with a song from when we began 30 years ago. We’ve reached back over the years to old hits to match up with new hits. It’s a difficult set list for me vocally — ‘Too Young to Fall in Love’ is no easy song to perform. We rehearsed the entire show in L.A., but we tested the entire set list with shows in Oklahoma and Miami. The reaction was incredible.”
The band couldn’t do everything they wanted to do — Leach’s article mentions “plans for robots” that were dropped due to safety concerns, and questions whether fire marshals will allow them to attempt setting a stuntman on fire atop a blazing piano — but the end result still sounds suitably over the top. “We have the best fire tech experts in the world. This is so over the top, the only thing cool is what we do!” laughed Neil. “Basically, we’re setting everything on fire in a way that’s never been done before.”
Based on the photo-filled Twitter feeds of Leach and Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, it looks like everybody had fun and avoided the emergency room. The first fan video from the show has now turned up, too — you can check that out below.
‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ is scheduled to run from Sept. 18 through Oct. 6.
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