Jody Steel's Pop Culture Thigh Art

Jody Steel's Pop Culture Thigh Art (8 photo)

Artist, aspiring filmmaker, and current Emerson College student Jody Steel has been generating buzz online lately with the pop culture portraits she doodles during class. Her subjects include fictional characters like Breaking Bad's Walter White and Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen, and artists like musician Thom Yorke and author Neil Gaiman.
Also, she draws the portraits on her right thigh.
Since she began uploading pictures of the drawings to the Internet earlier this month, she's received notoriety both online and offline -- and zero pushback from her professors. One of them was so impressed by the work that she gave Steel a job illustrating the book she was writing.
Click through to see some of her most interesting pop culture portraits. You can also check out the full scope of Steel's work -- which includes more thigh drawings of everything from animals to open wounds, in addition to pieces drawn on more traditional canvases -- on her website and Facebook page.

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