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DC Comics And David Goyer Conjure A John Constantine TV Show

DC Comics And David Goyer Conjure A John Constantine TV Show (1 photo)

DC Comics has announced their third TV series this season (Gotham Central and The Flash being the other ones). Deadline reports NBC has picked up a Warner/DC adaptation of Constantine, based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine, not to be confused with the Keanu Reeves portrayed by Keanu Reeves in 2005′s Constantine.

The show will be written and produced by David Goyer (co-writer of Man Of Steel and Nolan’s Batman trilogy) and Daniel Cerone (producer of The Mentalist). As far as we know, the movie version of the character instrumental to Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark Universe is still in development.
Constantine‘s contract stipulates there will be a penalty for NBC if they don’t air the show. John Constantine knows what a shaft those contracts with penalties are.

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