El-P: “Hip-Hop Wins if We’re F**king Trying to Kill Eachother”

El-P: “Hip-Hop Wins if We’re F**king Trying to Kill Eachother”

El-P and Killer Mike got the question all rappers have been getting these past 24 hours: “What’s your reaction to the new Kendrick Lamar verse?”
El-P breaks it down real simple, explains why competition in hip-hop is good for everyone, and says that when he and Killer Mike go in to record Run The Jewels material, they’re always in that kill mode. “He just got on a track, ripped it, and said what he wanted to. That’s what we do, that’s what everyone should do… it shouldn’t be rare. It shouldn’t be surprising. It should be respectable and it should be something that frequently happens.”
Killer Mike adds: “That’s how I got my name!”
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