Luc Besson Would Like To Make A 'Fifth Element' Sequel (Plus Cosplay)

Luc Besson Would Like To Make A 'Fifth Element' Sequel (Plus Cosplay)

There are certain sci-fi movies we can watch every time they're on TV. Among these rewatchable sci-fi flicks is Luc Besson's The Fifth Element (1997). It has everything sci-fi goes great with: the humor, the refusal to take itself too seriously, the realistically incompetent authority figures (some things never change), the cool visuals and wardrobe, or the eclectic cast. Tommy "Tiny" Lister as the President? Yes please.
Luc Besson recently gave a long interview about numerous things, like never getting paid for American adaptations of his Nikita, but here's the part of The Playlist's interview we zoned in on:
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