Floyd Mayweather Jr. Won A Lot Of Money Gambling Today

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Won A Lot Of Money Gambling Today

When all is said and done on December 31 and 2013 comes to a close, boxing champion, phenom and legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have made more than $100 million on his fights alone. Oh, and that’s for two fights. Mayweather made $45 million per fight for his May 4 victory over Robert Guerrero and his fight against Canelo Alvarez earlier this month, also a win. And word on the streets is that Mayweather hasn’t even received his back end cash for that second fight, so he could be looking at a cool 9 figures for two nights of work.
Then there’s also his gambling winnings, as the man with more money than most small countries has a penchant for sports wagers, and he also loves to brag about his winnings to us lowly poor bastards. Take today, for example, as Mayweather Tweeted a picture of his early winnings as he waits to see how much additional money he’ll make off of Johnny Manziel.
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