Robinson Cano Is Seeking A 10-Year Deal Worth At Least $305 Million

Robinson Cano Is Seeking A 10-Year Deal Worth At Least $305 Million

With the New York Yankees now eliminated from playoff contention for just the second time in the last 18 or so years, the sports media can finally focus on what really matters – how much money they’ll spend in the offseason. And if there’s time, we can possibly discuss the other losers that are still competing for a World Series title. But for now, the most important story in baseball is Robinson Cano and how much money he thinks he’s worth as a free agent.
That number? $305 million over 10 years. Now, some people may argue that this is hilariously impossible, as most teams are looking to follow the new blueprint of spending less to develop farm talent, as opposed to handing out horrible contracts like the decade deal that was just given to Albert Pujols. But Cano is a lifetime .309 hitter who has never hit more than 33 home runs and has only 3 seasons with 100+ RBI, so I’m sure that a team is willing to give him $30 million per year.
Wait, no. He’s sure. Because the only thing I’m sure about is that he’s insane.
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