Jon Jones Will Apparently Fight Glover Teixeira Next

Jon Jones Will Apparently Fight Glover Teixeira Next

Like most of us, even UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones thought his title match with Alexander Gustaffson at UFC 165 last Saturday was so close that the only logical thing to do is plan an immediate rematch and give us another fight for the ages. But as he has been recovering from the incredible beating that Gustaffson gave him in a losing effort, Jones has had a chance to watch the fight a few more times and score it for himself.
His result? Definitely 3-2, maybe even 4-1 in his favor. According to Ariel Helwani, that is apparently enough for Jones to overlook Gustafsson for a rematch and take on the next contender instead, and that would be Glover Teixeira, winner of five straight since making his UFC debut and 20 in a row since his last loss in 2005.

“Bones” told FOX Sports 1′s “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday that he initially thought the most fair thing to do was grant Gustafsson an immediate rematch because the fight was so close, however, after watching the fight over ten times since Saturday night, he now believes that he decisively won rounds two, four and five. As a result, the champion now thinks “the most fair thing to do is grant the next deserving contender” a shot at the title, he said. (Via MMA Fighting)
And UFC President Dana White confirmed yesterday that the fight is probably going to happen.
“That’s what the champ wants,” White said. “We’ll probably have that fight on the Super Bowl card in New Jersey.”
I have enough respect for Jones – which is tons and tons of respect, mind you – that I wouldn’t ever think that he was dodging Gustafsson or making excuses for why he almost lost to him (and did lose to him in a lot of people’s eyes). I also appreciate that he might want to give another contender a shot, especially if it’s Teixeira, who has been so much fun to watch fight and would probably be an even tougher challenge for Jones. But this has “dick move” written all over it.
Teixeira could defeat Jones, which would warrant an immediate rematch and even end up leading to a third fight if the first two are good enough, and that would leave Gustafsson, the No. 1 contender, waiting almost two years for another title shot. Obviously, that’s the worst case scenario for the Swede, but the best case would still be at least another year.
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