Drake Went On 'Sportscenter' To Discuss His Johnny Football Bromance

Drake Went On 'Sportscenter' To Discuss His Johnny Football Bromance


’d argue that few things in the modern world are more hated than the perpetually emoting panda bear we call Drake and ESPN’s Sportscenter, which has sadly become something less about highlights and sports news and some more about “debate” and corporate “synergy,” or something. That said, Drake has a new album out today, as you may have heard, (along with a new video) and he appeared on Sportscenter this morning to promote it, which when you really stop and think about it is just perfect. What did Drake talk about and do on Sportscenter, you ask? Here’s a rundown… 1. How he and Johnny Football are BFFs. “I consider myself a positive reinforcement in his life…I think we’ll be friends for a long time,” said Drake.

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