The Atlanta Braves Have A Blurred Lines Parody Video Now (ffffuuuu)

The Atlanta Braves Have A Blurred Lines Parody Video Now (ffffuuuu)

Remember two weeks ago when the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and T.D. the inaccurately-anthropomorphic mascot got together for a video parodying/paying homage to Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines,’ and the gag was that it was several months too late to be relevant? Well, the Atlanta Braves saw that video and spent the last two weeks recording ‘Baselines,’ a parody of the parody video that replaces football bikinis with lady-sized baseball jerseys and the dolphin man with a baseball-headed dude who actually looks a lot like Robin Thicke. Oh, and Javy Lopez is there.
Sample lyric:
He’s got the fastest pitch in this place!
Is there an abbreviation for “shaking my damn baseball head?
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