Wrestling Garbage Man Becomes Drug Dealing Special Ed Teacher

Wrestling Garbage Man Becomes Drug Dealing Special Ed Teacher


Who knew a guy called “The Dumpster” could have such a sad life? If you don’t remember him, Duke The Dumpster Droese was a wrestling garbage man who competed in the WWF between 1994-1996. He was a wrestler who was also a garbage man. That is literally everything you need to know about him. After his wrestling career became … uh, trash, The Dumpster (real name Mike Droese) tossed around on the independent circuit and eventually took a job as strength and conditioning coach for football at Tennessee’s Warren County High School. He parlayed that into a career as a special education teacher, and eventually parlayed THAT into a career selling drugs to undercover police officers. Something something, the dump. On July 1, according to the indictment, Droese sold oxycodone and buprenorphine. The next day, he again sold oxycodone. Droese was arrested Friday, Matheny said, but he left jail about two hours later after paying a $10,000 bond. Until Droese’s case plays out, he will be suspended from his job at Centertown without pay, Director of Warren County Schools Bobby Cox said. Droese, 45, did not return a call seeking comment on Wednesday. You can check out his mugshot here, and I gotta say, it’s not that much worse than when he was a wrestling garbage man. There’s almost no former occupation that makes you sadder and more prone to being arrested for things than “90s WWF star.” Many of them have died from drug-related issues (RIP Doink the Clown), and God, I wish there were enough miracle yoga programs to make all of them feel okay. If I wake up tomorrow and Irwin R. Sheister has been arrested for tax evasion so he could sell drugs to the Million Dollar Man’s rich kids, I’m calling it quits. Here’s an interesting quote from the Times Free Press, who interviewed a mark cop: “He used to be a wrestler, a very good wrestler,” the sheriff said. “He was in the WWE, and you can look him up on the Internet and watch all his matches. He wrestled with the best.” A few examples:

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