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Jon Bones Jones' Threw Out The First Pitch Before A Blue Jays Game

Jon Bones Jones' Threw Out The First Pitch Before A Blue Jays Game (2 photo + 2 video)

Jon Bones Jones is set to defend the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Alexander Gustafsson at Saturday’s aptly-named UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson in Toronto. To prepare, he’s visiting Canadian sporting events and beating up whoever he finds there. At Rogers Centre it was Toronto Blue Jays mascot Ace, and also maybe Alex Rodriguez.
Jones threw out the first pitch at at Thursday night’s Blue Jays vs. Yankees game, and while it lacks the wacky fail of Carly Rae Jepsen’s effort, the passion of that one 2-year old who refused to throw from the grass or the weird accuracy of Holly Sonders chipping it in with a golf club, it’s worth watching and possibly scoffing at. Plus, it’s another in a line of great examples of how “being a good athlete” doesn’t translate to “being able to throw a ball.”
It’s not super horrible, though. Check it out:

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