Brett Gallant And Krys Barch Found A Loophole In The NHL Helmet Rule

Brett Gallant And Krys Barch Found A Loophole In The NHL Helmet Rule


The headline makes it sound like they sat down and went over a bunch of paperwork, but trust me, it involves them punching each other in the face. Recently, the NHL’s GMs and the Board of Governors created and approved a new rule that gives players a two-minute minor penalty for removing their helmet before a fight, leaving you with seven minutes in the box; five for fighting and two for unsportsmanlike conduct. They want to curb fighting in the league, and figured two hockey guys were gonna get mad at each other, skate up face to face, decide they don’t want to punch each others’ helmets and, I don’t know, shake on it? Brett Gallant of the New York Islanders and Krys Barch of the New Jersey Devils have almost instantaneously made that rule look dumb as dirt by removing one another’s helmets before throwing hands. Whoops!

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