Meet Your Newest MMA Promoter: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Meet Your Newest MMA Promoter: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Back in July, Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he’d never heard of former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. In August, Silva said that he didn’t respect Mayweather, calling him “Papa Smurf.” So, in a development that totally makes sense and doesn’t seem passive-aggressive at all, MMA expert Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now looking to promote MMA fighters.
Yyyep. From an interview with Fight Hype:

I want to promote MMA fighters also. We lookin to promote MMA fighters, so it’s the first time you’re hearing it on FightHype.
You know, Al Haymon is looking to manage MMA fighters. Even though Al Haymon hasn’t came on record and said it, but I want Al to manage MMA fighters. I think I can take it to the next level.
You know, I don’t mind doing business with Dana White. Dana White’s a cool guy. I’ve been knowing Dana before he got involved with the MMA. (via FightHype)
Frankly, I’ve love to see Mayweather himself show up in MMA and destroy everybody without changing his fighting strategy like Balrog from ‘Street Fighter II,’ boxing gloves and everything. That’d be pretty amazing. Guy tries to shoot a double leg takedown and Money just super-speed dodges to the left and KOs him.
He’s already improving the lives of MMA fighters, after all.
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