Domestic Violence Isn't Funny But These Ike Turner Memes Are

Domestic Violence Isn't Funny But These Ike Turner Memes Are 

First, I want to preface this by saying that domestic violence is a very serious issue. There’s nothing funny about an insecure, possibly closeted, man beating women. Okay? It's wrong. Unless...nope. It's wrong. Nevermind. Domestic violence is wrong. Period.
Now that that’s out the way, someone somewhere started making up these Ike Turner memes and passing them along social media. They're pretty simple yet effective in getting an actual LOL out of me. Words like "My girl ain't allowed to pray silently... I need to know what her and Jesus got going on" are placed on an image of Ike, who as we know used to beat the sh*t out of Tina. At least that's what I got from the movie and that one Martin episode.
It's okay to laugh at these. If not, we'll all just have a blast in hell together. No biggie.
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