Taylor Swift Has New Hairstyle at 'Romeo + Juliet' Premiere [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift Has New Hairstyle at 'Romeo + Juliet' Premiere [PHOTOS] (4 photo)

Taylor Swift has been sporting impecabbly styled dishwater blond hair with bangs for a while now. But the starlet mixed it up for the red carpet premiere of ‘Romeo + Juliet.’ What’s her new look like?
She’s still got the solid blond, which unfortunately looks almost green in certain lighting and doesn’t do her much justice. She also still has bangs … but with a twist!
Swift swept her bangs to the side for the event. The result was some what mixed.
On the bright side, you can see the ‘Love Story’ singer’s bright blue eyes a lot better, and the sidesweep accentuates her cheekbones as well. On the negative side, well, they’re simply too short to sweep effectively, and it just looks like she’s stuck in an awkward growing out phase, especially because of the wispy flyaways on the left side of her face.
We’re not having a ‘Love Story’ with this style, but hopefully it’s a hint at a return to her once-signature curls. We miss them!

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