Sophitia (Soul Calibur 3) Awesome Cosplay

Sophitia (Soul Calibur 3) Awesome Cosplay

Heralding in the start of the highly sought-after weekend is Sophitia, the warrior on a holy mission to destroy the Soul Edge from the Soul Calibur series.
Sophitia was originally a baker, helping out at her family’s bakery until she was approached by the god Hephaestus. He tasked her with seeking out the unholy sword, Soul Edge, and destroying it to spare the world of its evil. She received the mighty Omega Sword, took up a shield and headed off on her holy mission. She was said to have been killed in Soul Calibur 5, but she’ll make her return in SoulCalibur: Lost Swords.
This is AlisaKiss, as cosplayer from the US, as the lovely Sophitia. She has impressively crafted every bit of the outfit herself and has even taken to wearing it in the fresh snow, which adds a little something extra to the shoot. The fact that she created her own Omega Sword and Owl Shield is also very impressive, making this one awesomely accurate cosplay.
See more of her badass outfits on deviantART. If you’re a fan of classic action movies, you’ll definitely enjoy seeing her Red Sonja costume!
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