Meet Choco Cat: The Most Well-Traveled Kitty With His Own Passpurr

Meet Choco Cat: The Most Well-Traveled Kitty With His Own Passpurr

From Irish castles to English forts, from warm crisp Mediterranean seas to the snowy Christmas Markets of Europe, from the land of Hobbits in Middle Earth New Zealand to the smell of coffee in a quaint Italian shoppe, he travels with his own passport with real immigration stamps too! This kitty’s epic adventures began from a small Build-a-Bear shop when a Soldier, having returned from his tour of duty, stuffed him with Love and sent him in the mail overseas to a certain girl! Long story short, The Soldier marries the girl and Choco Cat found himself a loving family, and they’ve taken him to all their epic adventures! He has been traveling with them ever since!


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