20 Of The Worst Moms You've Ever Seen

20 Of The Worst Moms You've Ever Seen (21 photo)

With the existence of the internet, I've realized that there are more crappy parents than I would like to know actually exist. You'd think that there would be some sort of IQ test or some kind of level of responsibility and maturity that should come with the possibility of reproducing. I get that sex isn't a difficult thing to do and isn't an extremely complicated process, but you'd think those that have gotten to the point of being sexually active would eventually develop some sort of very basic intelligence. These moms are the worst moms you've ever seen. They're the moms that will make you ADORE your mom for being so awesome and mom-like, and you'll never complain about your own mother ever again. Just imagine the emotional and mental scarring that these poor kids have to grow up with. You're not so effed up after all.


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