Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs (3 photo + 1 video)

Some time ago, we wrote about kids who read to shelter cats, and now there’s a similar campaign for dogs! At this Missouri Humane Society, the Shelter Buddies Reading Program pairs kids age 6 to 15 with fearful dogs to prepare them for life in a forever home. After completing a 10 hour training program, the kids sit in front of a she dog’s kennel and read to them from a book.


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very funny... little jailers read for prisoners.

"Hearing a child reading can really calm those animals" - btw, in animal shelters drugs calm animals, but not such show with children`s participation)) that`s usual practice.

p.s. Fishki, now you decided to show Russian spectators where you take your stuff?))) are you a Russian site after that?..

На что жалуетесь?