Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

Some time ago, we wrote about kids who read to shelter cats, and now there’s a similar campaign for dogs! At this Missouri Humane Society, the Shelter Buddies Reading Program pairs kids age 6 to 15 with fearful dogs to prepare them for life in a forever home. After completing a 10 hour training program, the kids sit in front of a she dog’s kennel and read to them from a book.


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very funny... little jailers read for prisoners.

"Hearing a child reading can really calm those animals" - btw, in animal shelters drugs calm animals, but not such show with children`s participation)) that`s usual practice.

p.s. Fishki, now you decided to show Russian spectators where you take your stuff?))) are you a Russian site after that?..

На что жалуетесь?