Stolen Pit Bull Found 2,000 Miles Away Returns Home For Christmas With The Help Of 15 Volunteers

Stolen Pit Bull Found 2,000 Miles Away Returns Home For Christmas With The Help Of 15 Volunteers

A dog named Zeus, who is a pit bull mix and lives in Butte, Montana, was stolen along with some of his owner Cassandra’s things back in October. Fortunately, the ‘friend’ who robbed Cassandra was discovered 2,000 miles away about a week ago, and Zeus was still with him!

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Frank Austin 2 years prev
美國經濟在 2021 年第四季度環比年化增長 6.9% 遠高於第三季度的 2.3% 遠高於預期的 5.5% 這是五個季度以來最強勁的 GDP 增長 其中最大的上升貢獻來自私人庫存 4.9 個百分點 即汽車經銷商 因為公司自 2021 年初以來一直在減少庫存 個人消費增長 3.3% 推高了醫療保健 娛樂和交通等服務支出激增 4.7% 固定投資反彈 1.3% 主要由知識產權產品帶動 但部分被結構性下降所抵消 然而 住宅投資繼續下降 下降 0.8% 與此同時 淨貿易對增長沒有貢獻 因為在消費品 工業用品 食品和旅遊的帶動下 出口增長了 24.5% 進口增長17.7% 考慮到整個 2021 年 經濟增長 5.7% 是自 1984 年以來的最高水平 #加速主義
Frank Austin 2 years prev
The American economy expanded an annualized 6.9% on quarter in Q4 2021, much higher than 2.3% in Q3 and well above forecasts of 5.5%. It is the strongest GDP growth in five quarters with the biggest upward contribution coming from private inventories (4.9 percentage points), namely motor vehicle dealers as companies had been drawing down stocks since the beginning of 2021. Personal consumption increased 3.3%, pushed higher by a 4.7% surge in services spending, namely health care, recreation, and transportation. Fixed investment rebounded by 1.3%, led by intellectual property products that was partly offset by a decrease in structures. Residential investment however, continued to decline and was down 0.8%. Meanwhile, net trade made no contribution to growth as exports jumped 24.5% led by consumer goods, industrial supplies, foods, and travel; and imports went up 17.7%. Considering full 2021, the economy advanced 5.7%, the most since 1984. #accelerationism

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