Barf! An Officially Licensed 'River City Ransom' Has Hit Kickstarter

Barf! An Officially Licensed 'River City Ransom' Has Hit Kickstarter

Oh, River City Ransom. For you youngsters out there, RCR was a brawler in which stumpy Japanese, er, I mean American kids beat the barf out of each other across an 8-bit open world (15-years before the term “open world” even existed). It also had naked butts. Heh heh. The game wasn’t a huge hit when it was first released, but it’s held up far better than your average NES game and picked up a pretty solid cult following since then.
Well, more River City Ransom may soon be on the way, because River City Random: Underground has just hit Kickstarter. The game is essentially a 16-bit update to the RCR formula, and unlike a lot of the “spiritual successors” to classic 8 and 16-bit games you see on Kickstarter, River City Ransom: Underground is actually officially licensed. Yup, whatever remains of Technos (the original developers of RCR) has declared this a real River City Ransom game.
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