No, You Shouldn't Buy An iPhone 5S. Here's Why.

No, You Shouldn't Buy An iPhone 5S. Here's Why.

The iPhone 5c is pretty. The iPhone 5S is impressive, with bells and whistles like a more advanced camera and a fingerprint scanner. And you shouldn’t buy either of them.

I’m not saying this to be contrary, or to pick a fight with Apple fans. I’m saying this because, on a practical level, buying most phones, not just the iPhone, does not make sense anymore.
Stop and consider when the iPhone was first introduced, in 2007. There was nothing like it, and it revolutionized smartphones. But the iPhone’s main customer base was never you and me. It was the carriers.
Remember, when a phone is subsidized, it means the carrier has given Apple a massive wad of cash already, up to $500 a phone; recouping that money is their problem, not Apple’s. And boy, is it ever a problem. So, locking you into a two-year contract is no longer a matter of pure profit for wireless carriers; when you buy an iPhone, it is an absolute necessity.
The problem is that increasingly, the two year wireless contract is an endangered species. As technologies like ubiquitous WiFi and white-space broadband propagate courtesy of companies like Google, carrier networks will be less and less crucial to communications. It’s pretty likely that within ten years, we won’t be using carrier networks for data at all and possibly barely use them for voice communications.
And it makes even less sense if you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology whether you’re a geek who likes the toys or need the power for work: Every cell phone manufacturer updates their hardware every year, and it’s generally at least incrementally better.
I’m just using the iPhone as an example; realistically you can apply this to many other phones. So, essentially, at some point in this cycle, probably sooner rather than later, you will be locked into a contract you no longer need or want but have to keep paying for. And that’s not the only problem.
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