Watch Vince Gilligan Announce His First Post-'Breaking Bad' Project

Watch Vince Gilligan Announce His First Post-'Breaking Bad' Project (1 photo + 1 video)


One of the most talked-about subjects in the entertainment world is what Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan will do now that he’s done running arguably the greatest show ever. We know he’ll have a hand in the Saul Goodman spinoff, and yesterday news leaked that CBS has picked up a drama script he originally wrote — and they originally rejected — back in 2002. But neither of those projects are what’s next in line for Gilligan.

As he revealed in an exclusive on Conan, his next move actually has nothing to do with the entertainment industry — it’s far more ambitious. The man is no longer just in the TV or movie business. He’s very clearly in the empire business.

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